31 March 2017

Roji Ice Monster 路地 氷の怪物 / 手作り氷菓子 (Taichung)

Roji Ice Monster became well-liked in Taichung with their irresistible desserts - adorable looking monster shaved ice, creamy ice cream and toasts. First, we went to Roji Meicun shop (路地 手作り氷菓子 美村店) where they only serve ice cream.

Roji Website: roji.com.tw
Roji Facebook: www.facebook.com/roji2taiwan

How to get there? 
Address: No. 17, Lane 117 Section 1 Meicun Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
Tel: +886 4 2326 9817
Opening hours: Daily from 12noon to 9pm
Buses to nearby bus stops: Bus No. 71, 72, 11, 27, 81, 107
We took a short break and had the strawberry soft serve 草莓霜淇淋 (季節限定).
Next, we took Bus No. 11 from Calligraphy Greenway bus stop to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts bus stop and walked to Roji Cunzhong shop for the shaved ice.
How to get there?
Address: No. 1, Lane 61 Cunzhong Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403 (Cunzhong shop)
Tel: +886 4 2376 6776
Opening hours: Daily from 12noon to 9pm
Buses to nearby bus stops: Bus No. 56, 75, A1, 52, 79, 159, 11, 23

Once you reach here, get a queue number from the staff.
When your number is called, choose the shaved ice flavour.
Subsequently, choose 2 toppings to go with your shaved ice.
We ordered the Perilla Plum shaved ice with soft serve ice cream and osmanthus honey jelly and
Black Sesame shaved ice with Mixed nuts and Oreo cream cheese.
Roji Ice Monster (路地 氷の怪物) is opened in Taipei on 15 March 2017. You can try the them at the Taipei shop located at No. 10, Section 4 Civic Blvd, Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106.

Roji Ice Cream (路地 手作り氷菓子) is also nearby, located at No. 5, Lane 79 Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106.

Tel: +886 2 8773 9997
Both shops opening hours: Daily from 11am to 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing (Exit 5)

27 March 2017

How to get to Taichung (台中)?

Getting to Taichung is easily accessible with Taiwan transportation!

From Taoyuan Airport
1) Take the Taoyuan Metro (MRT) to Taoyuan HSR Station (NT$18, 20 mins). Alternatively, Shuttle Bus 705 is available from Taoyuan Airport Terminals (Arrival lobby) at NT$30 from UBus service counters (20 mins trip).
Next, take the High Speed Rail from Taoyuan HSR Station to Taichung HSR Station (NT$540, 40 mins).
Last, take railway from Xinwuri Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT$15, 10 mins).

Taoyuan Metro (Officially opened on 2 Mar 17)
Xinwuri Railway Station
Taichung Railway Station
2) Take bus no. 1860 (Kuo-Kuang), 5503 (Free Go) or 1623 (UBus) to Taichung Bus Terminal which is located behind Taichung Main Station. Bus fare ranges from NT$240 to NT$300, takes 2 hours 30 mins to reach.

Buses at Airport Terminals (Arrival lobby)
Check with the bus service counters for the buses to Taichung
Kuo-Kuang tickets to Taichung (NT$240 per pax)
You'd be given the baggage tag for each luggage
Wait at the platform for Bus no. 1860 to Taichung
From Taipei
1) Take High Speed Rail from Taipei HSR Station to Taichung HSR Station (NT$700, 1 hour).
Next, take the railway from Xinwuri Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT$15, 10 mins).

2) Take railway from Taipei Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT$241-375, 2 hours 20 mins to 3 hours)

How to purchase High Speed Rail tickets online?
Go to Taiwan High Speed Rail website - www.thsrc.com.tw
Click on "24h Online Booking"
Select the departure location, destination, date, time and number of passengers
Enter verification code and click "Search"
Select the preferred timing and click "Confirm"
For foreign passengers, enter the Passport No. (if last 4 digits of passport no. is not numeric, input your birth date (mmdd) at the end. For eg. ABC1234B1015.
Enter local phone no. of residence; I've entered the hotel number.
Next, enter email (you'll receive the email confirmation once payment is completed).
Reservation Completed!
But this is not yet completed until you make the payment. Click "Pay Online".
 Enter your card details for making payment online. Click "Pay Now"!
Payment Completed!
Keep a copy of your confirmation, especially your Reservation number and Passport number.
You'd need them to collect the tickets at the HSR.
How to collect HSR ticket?
Collect the HSR ticket from the Ticket Vending Machine
 Touch the screen
 Click on standard collection
Enter the last 4 digits of Passport Number and click confirm. Eg. 1015.
 Enter the 8 digits of Reference Number.
 Confirm your details of your purchased tickets.
 HSR tickets collected!
Take note of your Car number, wait behind the line and queue when train is approaching.
 The seat area is spacious to have a medium luggage in front of you but you can also place them at the designated area at the back of the Train Car.
Enjoy your HSR ride!

Other useful websites of Taiwan Transportation
Taiwan High Speed Rail - www.thsrc.com.tw
Taiwan Railway Administration website - www.railway.gov.tw
Taoyuan Metro - www.tymetro.com.tw
Taoyuan Airport - www4.taoyuan-airport.com
Taichung Buses (Getting Around) - citybus.taichung.gov.tw/iTravel