29 October 2014

Peperoni Pizzeria (Frankel)

"All we knead is Love!"
Got to know Peperoni Pizzeria from Mayuko. We did a farewell dinner for her at the restaurant as she will be going to the States. The Family Pizza is really big and their pizza tastes good!
How to get there?
Address: 95 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458221
Tel: +65 6445 5661

By Car -
  • Limited parking lots, most of the cars park along Frankel Avenue

By Public Transport - 
  • Alight at Bus Stop No. 83179 (Aft Siglap Dr) - Bus No. 32 (Take from Bedok Interchange)
  • Alight at Bus Stop No. 83171 (Bef Roseburn Ave) - Bus No. 32

Nearest MRT Station: Kembangan (15 to 20 minutes walk)

Opening hours
Mon to Sat: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sun: 11am to 10.30pm

Our starter - Calamari Fritti (S$14)
 Choosing our pizza!
We ordered the Family Pizza (XXL 21 inch) with 2 types of flavours.
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Parma ham & rocket salad) & 
Salmone (Fresh Salmon, caramelized onions & capers)
 The Family Pizza is really big! I was really surprised when I saw the pizza. 
I prefer the Salmone to Prosciutto Crudo di Parma as I'm not a fan of salad plus the ham is a bit salty to me.
After the farewell dinner, I had craving for their Salmone pizza. I went to the other outlet at Zion Road for more. The size of the salmon is quite substantial which is really worth paying for. The caramelized onions add a sweet taste to the pizza. Simply tasty!
Medium (9 inch) S$19
Check out the other outlets at Peperoni website!

22 October 2014

KSL City Mall (Johor Bahru)

Shopping in Johor Bahru? Besides City Square Mall, there is another shopping mall nearby which is known as KSL City Mall. Consisting of more outlets and a hypermarket for grocery shopping, you'll probably spend a whole day there. You could go for a movie at MBO Cinemas or have a karaoke session with your friends at Kbox Plus.
How to get there?
Address: 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru
Website: http://www.kslcity.com.my/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kslcity

According to the website, you could take the Shuttle Bus from Johor Bahru Central to KSL City Mall and vice versa. The transport is provided by the shopping mall.

Alternatively, you could pay and take the taxi to reach the shopping mall within half an hour. It's a short ride to the mall from City Square Mall which costs RM8. Reasonable when there are 4 persons.

If you are driving and looking for direction.
From Singapore Tuas Checkpoint and after Malaysia Checkpoint.
Drive towards JB Sentral and you'll see Johor Bahru City Square on your right.
Continue driving straight, keep right towards Kota Tinggi / Desaru.
Drive straight towards Kuala Lumpur.
Along the way, you'll see Pelangi Mall and you'd need to keep left.
Filter left towards Jalan Harimau that is in the opposite direction of Pelangi Mall.
Drive straight and keep right.
You'll see "KSL City" and turn right towards Jalan Seladang where the shopping mall is located. 

What's there at KSL City?
Shopping! Pushcart selling Hello Kitty items.
There are a few pushcarts that sell handphone covers and accessories.
Events are held during certain occassions.
More shopping!
Food! Penang Laksa!
There are also quite a number of restaurants to choose for dining.
Blackball is opened in KSL City too!
Egg waffles which is my favourite!
Grocery shopping! Tesco at KSL City is quite big.
And when we travelled back to custom, it cost us RM12.

15 October 2014

Go Grandriders 不老骑士 (Documentary film)

Would you still dare to dream when you are 80 years old?
I chanced upon this Taiwan's documentary film and was very impressed by the 17 senior Taiwanese motorcyclists who were featured in the film. With a dream to be fulfilled, they embarked on their most daring adventure by riding around Taiwan on a 13 days journey. It was their spirit and positive mindset that made me wanting to write the post about this film. I even got the urge to join them for the ride after watching this heartwarming film.
The journey was realized for them by Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation (弘道老人福利基金会). Personally, I thought it was such a great and kind gesture of the Foundation to help the elders to realize their dreams. Initially, the elders might not have been considered medically fit to carry out this journey. 2 of them had cancer, 4 of them require hearing aid, 5 of them have high blood pressure and the journey could be wearisome for them. Nonetheless, with the assistance of the Foundation, the elders started to ride!
I understand the excitement and the bonding session of having rides together. It can be tiring and scary at times. It wasn't easy for them to ride in harsh weathers. Be it in the rain or under the sun, they had to be alert at all times to keep a lookout for oncoming vehicles. It was physically demanding for them but they continued the journey. Thumbs up for them!
Team Leader, Grandpa He (何清桐爷爷)
The only lady rider!
Grandma Ying Mei (映美奶奶)
The Couple Rider
Grandpa Zhang and Grandma Ying Mei
(弘道爷爷 and 映美奶奶)
They also had enjoyable times during the journey. Stopping at the homes to visit other elders, having a bike race at the arcade and some fun moments together.
Grandpa Wang, Grandpa Huang, Grandpa Tan
Grandpa Lai (赖爷爷)
What's more after this journey? The seniors were invited to the States to hitch a ride from San Jose to Los Angeles. They were the passengers on the motorcycles of the BMW Club of Northern California's club members.
See who the riders are!

Photos were taken from Go Grandriders Facebook and GoGrandriders Youtube!
Thank you for producing this film! It is definitely a film not to be missed.
A touching film that will make you cry!
"A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is a reality." - John Lennon