25 March 2012

Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple 洛陽大伯公宫

One of the famous Chinese temples in Singapore where you offer your praying to the God of Prosperity (also known as Da Bo Gong 大伯公) and other deities. For more information on the temple, click here.

How to get there?
Address: 20 Loyang Way Singapore 508774

By Car – Free parking in the temple or kerbside/coupon parking outside the temple.

By Public Transport – Bus No. 6, 9, 19, 59, 89, 109
  • From Pasir Ris Interchange - Bus No. 6
  • From Bedok MRT Station - Bus No. 9
  • From Tampines Interchange - Bus No. 19
  • From Bishan Interchange - Bus No. 59
  • From Hougang Central Interchange - Bus No. 89
  • From Changi Village Terminal - Bus No. 109

How to offer your praying?
Bring at least S$2.00 to buy the praying items.
Machines are available for changing notes to coins/smaller notes.
They installed new machine for changing big notes (S$50/S$10) to small notes (S$2).
Buy the praying item at S$2 each, just drop S$2 into the metal box and follow the sequence to pray.
First, you place the praying items at the big area in front of Tua Pek Kong.
Light the 2 candles and place them each at one side.
Next, light the incense sticks and pray to (1) Jade Emperor.
Follow the praying sequence from (1) to (12), there are signs located in the temple for directions.
After (12), go back to where you placed the praying items and take the joss paper to the burner.
Last but not least, you could also make donations to the temple.

Updated as at 26 Dec 2014.

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