27 March 2017

How to get to Taichung?

Getting to Taichung is easily accessible with Taiwan transportation!

From Taoyuan Airport
1) Take the Taoyuan Metro (MRT) to Taoyuan HSR Station (NT18, 20 mins). Alternatively, Shuttle Bus 705 is available from Taoyuan Airport Terminals (Arrival lobby) at NT30 from UBus service counters (20 mins trip).
Next, take the High Speed Rail from Taoyuan HSR Station to Taichung HSR Station (NT540, 40 mins).
Last, take railway from Xinwuri Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT15, 10 mins).

Taoyuan Metro (Officially opened on 2 Mar 17)
Xinwuri Railway Station
Taichung Railway Station
2) Take bus no. 1860 (Kuo-Kuang), 5503 (Free Go) or 1623 (UBus) to Taichung Bus Terminal which is located behind Taichung Main Station. Bus fare ranges from NT240 to NT300, takes 2 hours 30 mins to reach.

Buses at Airport Terminals (Arrival lobby)
Check with the bus service counters for the buses to Taichung
Kuo-Kuang tickets to Taichung (NT240 per pax)
You'd be given the baggage tag for each luggage
Wait at the platform for Bus no. 1860 to Taichung
From Taipei
1) Take High Speed Rail from Taipei HSR Station to Taichung HSR Station (NT700, 1 hour).
Next, take the railway from Xinwuri Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT15, 10 mins).

2) Take railway from Taipei Railway Station to Taichung Railway Station (NT241-375, 2 hours 20 mins to 3 hours)

How to purchase High Speed Rail tickets online?
Go to Taiwan High Speed Rail website - www.thsrc.com.tw
Click on "24h Online Booking"
Select the departure location, destination, date, time and number of passengers
Enter verification code and click "Search"
Select the preferred timing and click "Confirm"
For foreign passengers, enter the Passport No. (if last 4 digits of passport no. is not numeric, input your birth date (mmdd) at the end. For eg. ABC1234B1015.
Enter local phone no. of residence; I've entered the hotel number.
Next, enter email (you'll receive the email confirmation once payment is completed).
Reservation Completed!
But this is not yet completed until you make the payment. Click "Pay Online".
 Enter your card details for making payment online. Click "Pay Now"!
Payment Completed!
Keep a copy of your confirmation, especially your Reservation number and Passport number.
You'd need them to collect the tickets at the HSR.
How to collect HSR ticket?
Collect the HSR ticket from the Ticket Vending Machine
 Touch the screen
 Click on standard collection
Enter the last 4 digits of Passport Number and click confirm. Eg. 1015.
 Enter the 8 digits of Reference Number.
 Confirm your details of your purchased tickets.
 HSR tickets collected!
Take note of your Car number, wait behind the line and queue when train is approaching.
 The seat area is spacious to have a medium luggage in front of you but you can also place them at the designated area at the back of the Train Car.
Enjoy your HSR ride!

Other useful websites of Taiwan Transportation
Taiwan High Speed Rail - www.thsrc.com.tw
Taiwan Railway Administration website - www.railway.gov.tw
Taoyuan Metro - www.tymetro.com.tw
Taoyuan Airport - www4.taoyuan-airport.com
Taichung Buses (Getting Around) - citybus.taichung.gov.tw/iTravel

14 November 2016

List of Kukup Resorts 龟咯度假屋 (Kukup, Pontian)

At times, I travel to Kukup to visit my grandparents and my friends would ask for the contacts of the Kukup Resorts so they can book for a short getaway (2 days 1 night). Below are a few of the Kukup resorts, not a comprehensive one but should be sufficed. Call the resorts to check on their available dates and rates! Some popular resorts are often reserved early.

There are two sections of Kukup Resorts.
First Section - Kampung Nelayan Air Masin 咸水港鱼村
First section enters from the right side.
Provision shop is located near the entrance.
Foot massage service is also available at Air Masin.

1) Tong-Jing Air-Cond Resort 东京水上冷气度假屋
No. 29, Air Masin, 82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor (Near the entrance)
Tel: +607 6960486 / +6012 7682629 (Koh Ah Moi Aunty)

2) The Mangrove Floating Chalet Sdn. Bhd. 红树林
PTD 2724 Air Masin, 82300 Kukup Pontian, Johor
Tel: +607 6961111 / +6012 745 2452 / +6019 750 9111 (Lim Thiam Hock)

3) Bei-Jing Air Cond Resort 北京度假屋
No. 68 Air Masin, 82300 Kukup, Pontian Johor
Tel: +6016 717 4563 / +6012 712 8158 (Ah Wei)
Facebook: Bejing Resort
Bei-Jing resort is located near entrance (about 10 mins walk) and next to Mangrove Floating Chalet (红树林).

4) Lucky 5 Homestay 五福民宿
No. 68 Ayer Masin, 82300 Kukup Pontian Johor
Tel: +6013 7040000 / +6012 733 6863 / +6017 375 6863

5) Kukup Blue View Resort 龟咯蓝玻璃海上度假屋
No. 101, Air Masin,  82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor
Tel: +607 6960580 / +6012 787 9947 (亚英 AN)
6) Kukup Oceanic Sky 海天渔舍
No. 25 Ayer Masin, 82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor
Tel: +6016 730 3000 (Evelyn Yeo) / +6019 710 7000 (E.T. Lim) / +65 9786 8191 (S.H. How)
Website: kukupresort.co

7) Sinar Laut Resort 在水一方
Tel: +6016 711 3087 (David) / +6010 809 5134 / +6012 752 5134 (Ellyana)
Facebook: ZaiShuiYiFang
Next to this resort is Kukup Bay.

8) Kukup Bay 咸水湾民宿
PTD 2738, TL KAM 27, Ayer Masin, Kukup Pontian
Tel: +6012 773 2288 (Jeoy Lee)
Facebook: Kukup Bay
 Nearby, there's a house that sells fried crispy prawn fritters and it only opens during evenings.
 As you walk further in, you'll see SJK Chi Mang school.

9) Starlight Bay 星光灣
PTD 2845 Kampung Air Masin 82300 Kukup, Pontian Johor
Tel: +6017 701 1858 (艾彬) / +6016 728 5722 / +65 9776 3573
Facebook: Starlight Bay
They have themed bedrooms - Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, etc.
They also provide ferry service to their resort.

10) Kukup So En Resort 全赢度假屋
PTD 3099 Ayer Masin, 82300 Kukup Pontian
Tel: +6016 712 7552 / +6016 773 7552
Facebook: Soh En Resort

No. 79, Ayer Masin, Kukup, Pontian, Johor
Tel: +6012 754 2144 / +6016 745 7997 (Hom Boon Kok / Koh Bee Hwa)
Facebook: Kukup Ayer Masin Holiday Resort
Check out my post on this resort - Kukup Ayer Masin Holiday Resort
The sunset view was taken near the end of Air Masin, after SJK Chi Mang school.
Fireworks at Kukup!

Second Section - Kukup Laut 龟咯港脚
The other section enters from the left side.
Nearby the entrance, there's a mini provision shop.
You can also purchase different flavours of Soya Beancurd at PTD 505.
 Crystal Jelly are also available for sale (subject to stock availability).
If you are hungry, visit this restaurant that is located near the entrance of Kukup Laut.

1) Piggy House Kukup Chalet
PTD 1672 Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian Johor
Tel: +6017 718 3532 / +6012 722 0414 / +6019 722 4414

2) Ho Lai Resort 好来冷气度假屋
Tel: +6012 798 7382 (Ou Wen Xiang 欧文祥) / +6012 754 3218 (Wang Li Huan 王丽环)

3) Yong Jing Kukup Resort 永敬海上度假屋
Tel: +607 6960687 / +6019 710 1367 (Andrew Lim)

4) Hai Shang Hua Kukup Resort 海上花度假屋
Tel: +607 6969101 / +6016 747 2852 (Joanne Tan) / +6019 717 2852 (Mr Lim Eng Hoo 林永和)

5) Kukup Wilan Resort 龟咯伟伦海上度假屋
PTD1327, Kukup Laut, Pontian Johor
Tel: +607 6969257 / +6012 7615715 (Yeo Siok Chang)

6) Hai Tang Kukup Chalet 海棠海上度假屋
PTD 1346 Kukup Laut, Pontian Johor
Tel: +607 6960635 / +6017 735 3122 (Zhang Ai Na 张爱娜) / +6012 767 3222 (Chen Sheng Yuan 陈盛源)

7) Hao Qin Chalet 豪勤冷气度假屋
PTD 1307 Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian Johor
Tel: +6017 769 5108 (Hui Xiang 惠湘) / +6019 791 9985 (Li Xian 丽贤)

8) Kukup Colourful Resort 七彩缤纷文画村
No. 66 Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian Johor
Tel: +6016 785 8599 / +6012 773 2254 / +65 9467 9589 (Tian Cheng 天成) / +6017 779 6866 (Jenifer)
Email: colourfulchalet@gmail.com

9) Hao Xiang Kukup Resort 豪翔海上度假屋
PTD 1973, Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian, Johor
Tel: +6017 718 5525 / +6013 726 5525 (Au Liang Qiang 欧良强 / Mrs Au 欧太太)

10) Rainbow Resort 彩虹海上度假屋
PTD 1352, Kukup Laut, Pontian Johor
Tel: +6019 771 3238 / +6019 772 3238 / +6012 753 9847 / +607 6960516
This resort is located at the end of Kukup Laut which can be quite quiet at night. 
The hosts are very friendly and the resort is very spacious.
Towards the end of Kukup Laut, you'll see a temple and the two-storey building.
Upon walking further in, you will reach Kukup Xiang Holiday Home.
 The view of sunset is astonishing from 2nd storey.

Accommodation for less than 10 pax
1) East Mount Hotel
No. 8-10 Jalan Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian
Tel: +607 696 9269
Website: http://www.eastmounthotel.com.my/
Lift isn't provided at the hotel, you'll need to climb the flight of stairs.
Rooms are only available at 2nd storey.

2) Kukup Xiang Holiday Home 翔海上民宿
PTD 1266, Kukup Laut, 82300 Pontian
Tel: +6012 771 5135
Agoda website on Kukup Xiang Holiday Home
Booking.com on Kukup Xiang Holiday Home
Resort is located at the far end of Kukup Laut. Caters for big groups and also booking for less than 10 pax.

What to do at Kukup?
1) Try the No. 1 Coconut Pudding
The building is located on the left side near the main entrance of Kukup.

2) Contact the Fishing Centres if you are keen in fishing

3) Buy Heong Peah

4) Take ferry and visit Pulau Kukup Johor National Park

5) Jalan-jalan at Kukup
Sometimes, you'll get to see interesting stuff at Kukup.
These are jellyfish caught and being processed for restaurants.
They use coarse salt to preserve the processed jellyfish.

6) Eat Lok Lok for supper
The mobile stall is located near the entrance of Air Masin.
Enjoy your trip to Kukup Resorts!
Last Updated as at 14 Nov 2016.