02 September 2014

Christ Church / St Paul's Church / A Famosa (Malacca)

From Jonker Street, one could walk to Christ Church Melaka within 5 minutes. And near Christ Church, you could also walk up the hill and visit St Paul's Church and Al Famosa.

Christ Church
An 18th century Anglican church built in Dutch Colonial architecture style, located at the Dutch Square, in the city of Malacca.

How to get there?
Address: Jalan Gereja, Melaka Malaysia
The Stadthuys (Red Square)
Melaka Clock Tower

St Paul's Church
The old Catholic church was originally a chapel built in 1521 and is now located at the summit of St Paul's hill.

How to get there?
Address: Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia
Walk up the hill near The Stadthuys and you'll reach the summit of St Paul's hill.

A Famosa
One of the oldest surviving European architectural remains, the Portuguese fortress is located at the foot of St Paul's hill.

How to get there?
Address: Jalan Parameswara
From St Paul's Church, walk down the hill and you'll reach A Famosa.

Surviving gate of A Famosa
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27 August 2014

Jonker Street (Malacca)

Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street) is one of the popular attractions not to be missed in Malacca.
Happy Shopping!
The entrance of Jonker Street is near Hoe Kee Chicken Rice.
Map is provided near the entrance for easy reference around the area.

Jonker Street in the Day
The street is not so crowded but the weather can be quite hot. Prepare a cap or umbrella.
Not too far away from the entrance, there's a shop that sells handmade Batik items.
Nearby, you could shop for some accessories and bags.
Superheroes T-shirts are sold here. The designs are pretty unique but slightly pricey.
Happened to pass by a cafe with "Hello Kitty". Looks very much pretty inside.
Our friend, Wallace, recommends this pastry shop, "Christina Ee" which is located right at the Federation of Chung Clan Association.
You could purchase their traditional pineapple tarts and some other homemade pastries.
Tee Addict
103 Jalan Hang Jebat, 15200 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +606 286 4398
As you walk further, you'll spot this shop that sells many different types of tee-shirts.
This shop caught my eyes when I walked past by. It specialises in soaps!
The soaps come in different colours and are beautifully made. They are great for gifts.

Jonker Street at Night
The trishaws during the day look different when the night comes, they are all lit up. 
They become more eye catching in the night time with different light colours.
Have a beer and chill out?
Drop by Hard Rock cafe near the entrance of Jonker Street.
Still feeling hungry? Lok Lok mobile stall is located near San Shu Gong during the evening.
About 6pm, the sellers will start to set up their stalls.
Nyonya Delight
It is located at the start of Jonker Street, near to San Shu Gong.
All kinds of Nonya Delights are sold here such as Kuih Talam, Kuih Seri Muka, White Rice Cake, Kuih Tapioca, Nyonya dumplings and more.
This stall is located just beside the Nonya Delight stall, selling Gula Melaka, durian cakes and more.
Interestingly, there's a stall that sells flower and fruit tea and their prices are reasonable.
The seller will provide a list on the benefits of drinking flower and fruit tea. Good for referencing.
Stevia sweet leaf
Refered to as "sweet herb" and low in calories, is used as a natural sweetener for various beverages and dishes.
Apple Rose Fruit Tea
Dried Apple, Roselle, Rose, Orange
Peach Fruit Tea
Roselle, Dried Apple, Peach, Rosehips and Orange peels
We spotted a few stalls selling pretty slippers, cute shorts, etc.
From far, I spotted this Twitter Potato stall.
You could choose from a few flavours. They'll sprinkle the flavoured powder and it's ready to eat.
As we walked further, we were led by the fragrance of the food and found some food stalls at the back of the street.
Too good to miss the Char Kuey Teow so we ordered a plate to fulfill our stomach.
And Fried Oyster too!
Get some ear candles at 5 pairs for RM10 at this stall nearby.
And some dog clothes for Choco.
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